Group Well-being and Resilience Coaching

To help people I offer several supportive online group coaching possibilities.

  1. Active Hope Group Coaching – these sessions enable people to regain a sense of positive hope & strength in the face of overwhelming challenges.
  2. Resilience & Well-Being Group Coaching – these weekly 1 hour group sessions provide skills & support for becoming more resilient & balanced.
  3. Purpose Coaching – to help you to find meaning & clarity of direction in your life.

How does group coaching work?

The group coaching sessions are for 1 hour & are held online using Zoom or Google meet. They are interactive sessions where you will have a chance to be guided through various practices that will support you as well as having the opportunity to work & share with other group members at times. This enables a powerful sense of group momentum & accountability to grow & support all members of the group.

You will need to register & pay in advance so that you are emailed the relevant meeting access information before the meetings start. 

Active Hope Group Coaching

The purpose of this group is to introduce you to a strengthening practice that can help you to face, cope with & give your best responses to any disturbing challenges that you might be facing at this time. This is particularly valuable if you are concerned with our climate & ecological emergencies.

These sessions will help you to become more resilient & balanced. They can be participated in as a one-off if you are struggling at any point or can be joined regularly to help you to cope & be positive.

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“Coaching is about supporting people to step into their potential, to live in more fulfilling ways & to use life’s expeiences to enable them to grow.”

– Jem

Resilience & Well-Being Group Coaching 

These 1 hour group coaching sessions have been designed to give you the skills to deal with adversity, as well as to provide a safe environment where you can share your fears or problems & support other people with theirs.

I normally run this as a 6 week course.

For more information & to join the next group please email me: 

Free Clarity Session

I also offer a couple of free 30 minute Clarity Sessions per week to support my community. They can be very helpful in their own right but they can also give you a sense of how I work. These are open to anyone who has not had a coaching session with me before.

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Purpose Coaching Groups

These groups are run as a short series to help you to discover who you are meant to be & what you came here to do or to help you clarify what choices you should be making in your life right now.

Purpose coaching can be useful for helping you to connect with your Life Purpose or gain a greater capacity to make choices that are based on staying aligned with your highest values on a day to day basis. Knowing your purpose is a valuable way to enable you to find meaning & clarity of direction in your life.

Within these coaching sessions, you will gain a much greater understanding of your core values, your passions & deepest concerns, as well as your inherent character strengths & skills. From that point, we can start to explore how you could best use them for the greater good & if needed, create an effective strategy so that you can do so.