Coronavirus Wellbeing and Resilience Support

To help people (& especially health service professionals & key workers) at this time, I am offering several supportive online coaching possibilities. 

  1. Active Hope Group Coaching – these weekly 30 minute sessions enable people to regain a sense of positive hope & strength. (Free or donation)
  2. Resilience & Well-Being Group Coaching – these weekly 1 hour sessions provide skills & support for becoming more resilient & balanced. (Low cost)
  3. Individual Well-Being & Resilience Coaching – these 1-on-1 sessions are tailored to the individual to support them to cope with the present challenges.

(The coaching options below are available at reduced rates for all key workers who are working on the frontline against the pandemic.)

The Value of Group Coaching at this time

  • Greater Emotional Balance
  • Better Resilience
  • A Sense of Connection & Support

Being coached in a group allows everyone to connect with and share the challenges that they are experiencing and then to be guided through processes that support them to overcome some of these challenges and develop a capacity to be much more resilient and effective in responding to this unprecedented moment in history. 

The Coronavirus Challenges

There are many challenges that this form of coaching can help people to face & overcome including:

  • Becoming ill
  • Anxiety, fear or stress
  • Financial hardship
  • Isolation & confined living
  • Grief or depression
  • Existential angst.

Weekly Active Hope Group Coaching

The purpose of this group is to introduce you to a strengthening practice that can help you to face, cope with & give your best responses to any disturbing challenges that you might be facing at this time of coronavirus pandemic.

These weekly drop-in sessions will help you to become more resilient & balanced. They can be participated in as a one-off if you are struggling at any point or can be joined regularly to help you to cope & be positive.

Participation in these groups is free or by donation so that financial difficulty does not need to limit anyone from attending & I can help more people in these troubling times.

How will this work?

These groups run once or twice per week (unless there is need for more frequent sessions).  The guided process & check in takes about 45-60 minutes.

These groups sessions will be held online using Zoom, which is easy to download onto a computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone. You will need to register in advance so that you are emailed the relevant meeting access information before the meetings start. 

Register To Participate Here: 

Ongoing Resilience & Well-Being Group Coaching 

These 1 hour group coaching sessions have been designed to give you the skills to deal with adversity, as well as to provide a safe environment where you can share your fears or problems & support other people with theirs.

I would normally run this as a 6 week course, but am considering running sessions twice weekly as it could be very helpful to learn these skills & get this support as quickly as possible with the present situation. I will update this page shortly with information about the next groups.

For more information & to join the next group please email me: 

Individual Well-being & Resilience Coaching

This is designed to provide specific support to help you to be more resilient & balanced in the face of the many challenges around the Coronavirus pandemic.

A 1-on-1 coaching session can also help you to use this experience as an opportunity to reassess how you are living your life & to choose new ways to be/live as you go forwards.

These sessions can be one-off single coaching sessions or a series of coaching sessions. However, a series of 6 to 8 coaching sessions (or ongoing weekly coaching) is more highly recommended as an investment that you can go much deeper & further. (A series of pre-paid coaching sessions cost 25% less per session.)

N.B. Medical staff & other keyworkers are eligible for a 75% reduction on these 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

Booking an appointment

60 minute Resilience & Wellbeing Coaching sessions can be booked by clicking here. They normally cost £90.

90 minute Well-being, Resilience & Transformation individual coaching sessions can be booked after having spoken with Jem. These normally cost £120 but are reduced to £90 per session when a pre-paid series of coaching sessions are booked.

Free Clarity Session

I also offer a couple of free 30 minute Clarity Sessions per week to support my community. They can be very helpful in their own right but they can also give you a sense of how I work. These are open to anyone who has not had a coaching session with me before but they are somewhat limited at the moment due to my demands of supporting more people during the pandemic. For more information, please click here.