Jem Friar
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“A coach is someone who sees beyond your limits & coaches you to greatness”. 

– Michael Jordan

Choosing Happier book

Jem Friar – coach, retreat and workshop facilitator, speaker and author.

I have been supporting people as an alternative medicine practitioner and coach, as well as by running workshops, facilitating retreats and writing books for nearly 30 years! My focus has always been on enabling people to live more healthy, happy, balanced, fulfilled lives and to help and empower people to make positive changes.

I began my multi-disciplinary training in 1989 when I studied Thai massage, yoga, chi-gung and meditation whilst living in Thailand and I then went on to study McTimoney Chiropractic, sports massage, spineworks and many other forms of bodywork. In 2000, I began facilitating detox health retreats in Portugal and trained in Naturopathy and life coaching to be more effective in this work. I continue to run detox retreats around the world, to this day (more information can be found at

One of the most important parts fo running health retreats has been that of education and inspiration. To this end, I provide coaching, talks and workshops that support people to adopt new healthier habits and make the positive changes that they need to.

In recent years, I have studied and been very inspired by positive psychology (the science of what enables people to live more happy, content, resilient and fulfilled lives) and wrote & published a book in 2017, called “Choosing Happier” to support and enable its readers to become happier just by adopting simple happiness habits and new perspectives. I have also trained in Resilience coaching and Strategic Intervention coaching which is an amazing method of life coaching that takes into account all of a client’s values, strengths and needs, and enables them to easily transform their lives for the better, in a very empowered way.

Using strategic intervention, resilience wisdom and positive psychology skills and combining these with decades of health coaching experience, has enabled me to be incredibly helpful at supporting and facilitating lasting positive change and transformation on the physical, emotional and mental levels of my coaching clients.