Coaching For Change Makers

If you have found your way to this page, you are working to help create positive change in the world, possibly in the realms of climate change response, the energy transition, nature care or positive societal change and care.

To support you in your work, life and mission, I am offering reduced rate coaching. My aim is to help you to be more effective and resilient in your work and more happy and healthy in your life.

To know more about these sessions and for me to get a clearer idea of your challenges and needs, you can book a free “Clarity Session”.

Ongoing, 1 hour coaching sessions for Change Makers are then available to you for the reduced rate of just £50 per hour.

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These Clarity Sessions are helpful, beneficial and supportive. The session can help you gain greater clarity, direction and a sense of how to overcome your challenges.

During the call, I can learn about you, your struggles, hopes and goals, as well as answer any questions and share some of my unique strategies and approach. 

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1 hour coaching sessions at the reduced rate of £50 can be booked in advance by clicking on the button below.

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Jem Friar

Since 2018, as well as coaching and running trainings and retreats, Jem has been actively working and volunteering with charities and organisations in the realms of local climate change response and the renewable energy transition. He is very experienced in the struggles of working in such arenas, where lack of support, finances and resilience skills in the face of such immense challenges, can be overwhelming and hard to negotiate and move through on your own or with limited support.

He brings this understanding and his three decades of experience in helping people to live more balanced and healthy lives, to support you in these coaching sessions.